* Starter Kit - Sales Promotion Product Manual 1 Leaflet, 1 Form for Purchase Any 1 Product Package Offline Form, Online Login Pin. Next by Purchase Leaflet Rs. 5/- and Product Purchase Offline Form Rs. 3/-.

* Sales Promotion Earning opportunity. A Gateway for Peace of mind.

* 2 Child Education - Any School Tuition Fees per month (applicable on Gold Sales Executive).* Yearly One Time

* Higher Education - India Or Abroad Hogher Education loan for your Child, your income 10 times, on 0% Interest (applicable on Marketing Director).* 1 Year Only

Daughter / Sister Marriage Loan, your income 10 times, on 0% Interest (applicable on Diamond Sales Executive).*

* Help for Purchasing 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler, contact your immediate upline or directors.*

* Major Medical upto 2 Lacs (applicable on Sr. Marketing Director).* 

Level 2 to Level 5, Accidental Insurance for 1 lac to 20 Lac. L2 - 1 Lac, L3- 5 Lac, L4- 10 Lac, L5- 20 Lac + Full Family Mediclaim Health Insurance Policy upto 10 Lac Maximum amount upto Rs. 10000/- one year only.

* MPG Relief Package of Rs. 12,000/- per month to Nominee for twelve month incase of Natural Death of distributor. For funeral  Rs. 10,000/- at a time (applicable on Chief Sales Excutive).*

* T & C Apply