Terms & Conditions

1. Self 3 Product Sale i.e., Left, Right, Extra is compulsory, otherwise Ind. distributor will not eligible for any Income. Sales Promotion Payout Fortnight i.e. Closing: 15th & 30th / 31st of every month. Payout: After next Closing.

2. Product Change valid within month ends from Purchase month Date, otherwise chargeable  upto Rs. 1000/-. TDS deduction as per Govt. Norms. Handling charges per draft 6.5%.

3. All Distributors are required to renew their Distributorship before the Renewal Date to continue. MPG E Business Pvt. Ltd. benefit. MPG management reserves the right at its complete discretion to reject any renewal application. For renewal purchase one package product list, Either Big or Small.

4. Payout Fortnight, Maximum Payout Rs. 80,000/- in a Fortnight

5. Reward at Ex-Showroom price. All Rewards give at our Co. Sales Promotion Seminar. Tour is compulsory. Which is Decided by Co. Yearly 2 time for more details read product purchase application which is valid online only.

6. Spill amount only count the person who spills not count for upline.

7. For Royalty, Monthly Field Allowance, The distributor have to produce Meeting - Sitting Report Time to Time to Release Royalty & Monthly Field Allowance. Maintain your MFA book it is compulsory. If you don't maintain MFA Book, Royalty / MFA will be discontinuing after 3 Month paying*.

8.  Product delivered within a month by courier / Speed Post, postage charges born by Ind. Dist. i.e, Asansol to West Bengal Bus service upto 10 KG Rs. 250/-, All over India By surface Courier upto 10 Kg Rs. 400/- Air Cargo upto 10 Kg Rs. 1500/-.

9. For Re-Purchase 10% deducted from every payout. Products delivered min. at Rs. 1000/-.  Home delivery, by speed post, postage charges born by you minimum Rs. 250/- .

10. For Independent Distributorship you can purchase 3 products in one name / code. But company shall give you one code all sales promotion benefits rest pair income only. No other benefits from sales promotion.

11. Big Product Purchase = 400 C.V., 3 Small Product Purchase 400 C.V., 3 Small product purchase  = 1 Big Product Purchase for Pair Income. C.V.= Commission Value (1 C.V. = 1 Rupee)

12. Any Tour or Training Trip, Training Fees Charged by Company upto Rs. 500/- to Rs. 5000/- only for miscellaneous. Rewards, Tours, M.F.A, next to next pair counting. Rs. 10000 CV and above all Rewards Income after TDS Deduction as per Govt. noms.

* T & C Apply